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Flagship Store

20-07 127th St.

Flushing, NY 11356




About Us

DIY KTV Flagship Store is located at 20-07 127th st, Flushing, NY. It's invested by large sums of money which made the DIY KTV Flagship Store become the biggest and best Karaoke in the United States. DIY KTV flagship-store occupied 30 thousands square feet which contains 37 rooms with 6 incredible themes designed by famous Taiwanese designer.

    Flushing DIY KTV Flagship Store has 6 unique themes for all the rooms: Sumptuous, Nordic, Industrial, Modern, Classical Shanghai, and Casual Styles. Exquisite Art Deco construction style, chic light effects, gentle services. Every detail of DIY KTV Flagship Store expresses our unique style. If every KTV is pursuing a satisfaction of customer experience, then DIY KTV Flagship Store is more focused on style and culture. Satisfaction of customer experiences services of DIY KTV Flagship Store is not enough, we also fulfill five senses of customers: taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound. More quality style, entertainment elements and entertainment culture are more able to make our customers feel the enterprise's attentiveness.

    More than that, DIY KTV Flagship Store selects the professional audio equipment of the international top brand, the luxurious decoration, the larger room, with the theme elements, all kinds of special dishes and beverages, and is committed to providing diversified singing environment for each guest. DIY KTV Flagship Store try our best to provide our customer's the most happiness, enjoyable, and relaxible experiences for all age groups customers.

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